Friday, December 2, 2011

(335) 'tis the season

I love Christmas music. 
I downloaded some new stuff today:

Thursday, December 1, 2011

(334) zombies

I'm not really a fan of sci-fi or fantasy. Vampires are of no interest to me. I only saw one of the popular vampire-based movies (upon the insistence of my brother-in-law) and have bypassed the myriad of vampire-based television shows. It seems zombies have become more popular lately, and a particular favorite of Connor's. He started watching this show, then got Kevin hooked on it. After much prodding, I decided to give it a go. I watched all of Season 1 today (only 6 episodes) and was surprised - it actually isn't bad.

Now, on to Season 2.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

(333) heat

Our little home office reflects the extremes of whatever weather we happen to be experiencing... stinking hot in the summer, stinking cold in the winter. Working at home today, and this little space heater is working overtime! 11-30-11

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

(332) dinner

I don't often make dinner. I mean, I EAT dinner, but it mostly consists of toast or cereal or a quick run over to Rubio's for a chicken taco on flour. Kevin and I often have differing evening schedules, but when we're both home and I offer to make something, the response I get is, "If I'm hungry I'll make myself something." Tonight I didn't ask, I just made. I had all the fixin's for yummy panini, so I made yummy panini - turkey, bacon, pepper jack cheese. 11-29-11

Monday, November 28, 2011

(331) tired

Being alone for most of the day, Zoey's usual daily schedule consists of lots of snoozing. Her usual schedule was totally disrupted during our trip to Arizona for Thanksgiving. With all the people and kids and another dog running around all day, she couldn't squeeze in any naps. So, today - the first full day back at home - she hasn't really moved from this spot.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

(330) heading home

First to arrive, last to leave... Hated to say good-bye to this guy:

11-27-11 (2)

The downside to holidays away from home is the holiday traffic. The majority of our drive home was smooth sailing. And then we stopped. Like, fully stopped. Like, parking lot stopped. This happened twice, at which time Zoey and I got out. Not very often does one get to traipse around in the middle of the freeway.

A drive that usually take about 5.25 hours took nearly 8 today. Zoey and Connor, stuffed together in the back seat, weren't too keen on that. My iPad and I were just fine in the front.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

(329) Arizona - the fun continues!

Philip's hunting expedition was successful - he came back with a big ol' elk. The boys were eager to check it out. Pretty gross, if you ask me.

11-26-11 (5)
11-26-11 (3)

Next activity of the day - over to the mall to see The Muppets. The movie was followed by some fountain-playing and a Johnny Rockets chocolate shake for me (with two extra straws for two little nephews).

11-26-11 (2)
11-26-11 (4)
11-26-11 (7)

Had to throw this in... these two are so adorable (in their post chocolate shake bliss).

11-26-11 (6)

Friday, November 25, 2011

(328) Arizona - more fun!

More beautiful weather necessitated an outing. We took all the kids over to Papago Park for a little hike and picnic. We hiked up to Hole in the Rock, some of us hiking up to the top while others stayed on on the main level.

11-25-11 (7)
11-25-11 (6)
11-25-11 (5)

Though the top wasn't the highest point in the world, the fact that it was an enormous, giane rock we were climbing on, a rock that we could fall off of with a wrong step, and it made me a little nervous. My nervousness increased ten-fold when I went around a corner and saw this:

11-25-11 (9)

Yes, four-year-old Jack, was sitting there at the top. Whaaat the heeeeck? Kevin was close behind, explaining that the little monkey scurried up to the top so quickly that even he couldn't keep up. This guy doesn't comprehend the fact that he's only four and has no fear. I, on the other hand, totally comprehend the fact he is only four and was very fearful for his safety.

11-25-11 (8)
11-25-11 (11)
11-25-11 (10)
11-25-11 (2)
11-25-11 (3)

Waiting for us at the bottom:
11-25-11 (4)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

(327) Arizona - Happy Thanksgiving!

I'll start with a warning here... lots of photos for today, so you'll be scrolling for a while.

I love it when my family is together, so I've been excited for this weekend in Arizona. Everyone is here, except for Cindy and her family. I'm hoping she'll see all the fun they missed and they'll get back to the west as soon as possible!

The focus of today - thankfulness, togetherness and FOOD! Kristen had lots of good food for us, and we all pitched in to help.

11-24-11 (10)
11-24-11 (4)

Kristen made a delicious and juicy turkey... brined it last night, put it in the oven today, and it came out perfectly. Michael and Markie took on the task of carving the turkey. Put a carving knife in a surgeon's hands and you'll get some precise cutting. I don't think I've seen anyone put as much time into carving as Michael did.

11-24-11 (7)

The feast!

11-24-11 (14)

Caleb was the lucky recipient of one of the turkey legs, and he went at it with gusto. It's amazing what a growing 10-year-old boy can consume!

11-24-11 (18)
11-24-11 (12)
11-24-11 (13)
11-24-11 (11)
11-24-11 (17)

A picture by my Mom. It takes a lot of talent to line things up exactly so that the candles totally block everyone's faces...

11-24-11 (8)

It was a beautiful day, and we took advantage of our togetherness to take family pictures.

11-24-11 (5)

All of us
11-24-11 (2)

Michael, Kristen, Avery, Matthew, and Parker
11-24-11 (6)

Philip, Mindy, Caleb, Helen, and Jack
11-24-11 (3)

11-24-11 (9)

Today is also Philip's birthday... we sang Happy Birthday to him before he took off for his hunting expedition.

11-24-11 (15)
11-24-11 (16)

I have lots of things for which I am thankful.  The most important ones have been pictured here.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

(326) Arizona

My brother, Michael, and family moved to Arizona earlier this year, and we all pretty much invited ourselves to their house for Thanksgiving. Kevin, Connor, and I were the first to arrive this afternoon, so my sister-in-law Kristen put me to work. Around their yard they have lots of citrus trees - primarily oranges, with a few grapefruits and lemons. The orange trees were abundant with fruit, so we decided that freshly squeezed juice would be a nice treat for tomorrow's breakfast. Connor and I went out with Kristen's nifty fruit-picking tool and filled up a few bags full of oranges.

11-23-11 (2)

We had a couple of tag-alongs... Parker and Zoey didn't want to be left behind!

11-23-11 (3)
11-23-11 (4)