Monday, December 14, 2009


According to Kevin, I have reached a new level of lame and gay. If you weren't aware, these are Kevin's most used adjectives.  They're used to describe pretty much everything.

What has brought me to this new level?  A little thing called the Logitech Webcam C600.  Peter plans on communicating with us from Mexico via Skype (cheaper than uprading his cell plan to international calling)... I have to know that he's not in a ditch somewhere.  Furthermore, Michael Skypes, as does Cindy.  What better way can I get to see my distant nieces and nephews?  Now, we just need to get Philip and Mindy on the bandwagon.


There will be lots of fun things we can do with this webcam.  My first plan is to try to talk Connor into performing his rendition of the Thriller dance scenes.  And then posting it.


  1. Gay & lame, huh?! Seems Kevin's adjective vocabulary stunted somewhere in jr. high?! AND, yes please, would love to see Connor's dance!

  2. You have a great webcam! We need to upgrade ours. And yes, please let us see Connor dancing.

  3. Still waiting for the infamous CLT moon walk.

    Too much exposure on the facial close-up!