Monday, December 21, 2009


I'm no photographer, but I do like taking pictures and playing around with them.  A hinderance to my progress as a photographer is the lack of funds to buy better lenses.  Maybe one day....

I found a cheap fish-eye lens on Amazon.  It arrived today.  Of course, I had to play around with it. Pretty cool stuff!  The problem with the wide-angle lens (vs. the macro lens I use more often) is that you can see EVERYTHING in the shot.  Like the entire bathroom, or entire living room.  It makes my house look much, much smaller.  Or, I should say, points out how small my house really is.

It also points out that I need to replace a light bulb in the bathroom.  And I need a new roll of toilet paper.


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  1. The DOG is adorable... I mean it is lame as can possibly be to see a dog at the bathroom counter... admiring the wrinkles... xo

    Thanks for the New Year's Day call ~ sorry we weren't home to take it.

    Miss you and yours... xoxoxo J.