Friday, December 25, 2009

359:365 + Merry Christmas +

Ahhhh.... Christmas.  Like last year, we had an untraditional Christmas.  Maybe many other people celebrate like us. Maybe not.  Today we woke up and.... did nothing.  Then after that, we did more nothing.  At 3:00 I went over to my good friend Chanin's house for dinner while Kevin went running.  He couldn't go to dinner.  You know - people.  Then we were back home for more nothing.

It was kind of nice, actually.  It was truly a day off from the regular hustle and bustle of life.  Since nothing was open, we couldn't run errands... couldn't use the day as a regular day.  Nice.

And dinner was quite nice as well.

Chanin's beautiful table:

The beautiful table and two (of her four) beautiful daughters:

The adorable and spunky little one, Sophia:


  1. Merry Christmas (late) & Happy New Year (early)! Hope you get lots of time to relax this vacation!

  2. A near full day of guilt-free moping... It can't get much better than that!

  3. Lovely, lovely setting... we actually ate in the dining room with my Lenox Christmas plates. I'll bet you didn't even know I had them.

    We are running out of chairs in the kitchen and Duncan has been systematically putting them in the garbage.

    Now we have 6 left and he has decided to re-cane the seats of those - again - rather than buy a new set of eight...

    Makes sense, right? Pretty lame if you ask me, but you didn't. xo