Monday, December 28, 2009


In my younger years one of our family traditions was to go to Magic Mountain the day after Christmas.  Perhaps the word "traditions" should be applied loosely as we did it only three or four years in a row, but you get my point.  We went at this time as we discovered the lines were quite short, and cool weather is much more preferable for meandering an amusement park than hot.  Since Kate had never been and [now] professes a love for fast and scary rollercoasters, we decided to go.  We brought along Kate's friend, Gillian, stopped by Fullerton to get my brother, Mark, and headed up to Valencia.

Unfortunately, it seemed that TWO days after Christmas wasn't the same as the day immediately following Christmas in terms of crowds.  Though there were definitely less people than a regular summer day, the lines were not as short as we had hoped.  For the big rides we waited about 1.5 hours... but let me tell you - it was worth it!  I had not been to Magic Mountain for many years, so a few rides we went on were new to me - X2 and Tatsu.  Holy Moses... those rides were fantastic!  I especially loved Tatsu - a ride that Connor called "relaxing" because you kind of laid down forward (hard to imagine, I know).  A lesson of the definition of "relaxing" followed - oxymoron: relaxing rollercoaster. 

From the post-ride photo monitor:
12-28-09 Tatsu
(Kate and Kevin both opted out of this one.  Their loss!)

I must also make mention of what appears to be Magic Mountain's attempt to clean up the place.  I saw more street sweepers out and about that I had ever seen in the past.  The ride operators were not as scary-looking, and I didn't feel like I was at risk for being gunned down in a gang war.  Good times!

Lunchtime.  Many a tomato lost its life to supply Connor with his requisite dipping sauce.
12-28-09 Ketchup
P.S.  Sorry to the lady from Arizona standing behind us in the line for X2, whose ear was talked off by Connor.  No doubt she was not as interested in "Gargoyles" as Connor imagined.


  1. Oh, that Conner cracks me up! I love reading your Connorisms posts (and, who knows, Connor may someday find someone who shares his passion for gargoyles if he keeps chatting it up with strangers.) :)

  2. I haven't been to magic mountain in years!!! maybe when the boys are a tad older.