Sunday, January 10, 2010

10 : hot chocolate

I must admit, my hot chocolate snobbery is increasing.  Lately I've forgone powders altogether and opted for real, bittersweet chocolate shavings melted in milk.  A bit of an ordeal, yes.  But oh so tasty!


This leads me to telling you about my new favorite hot-chocolate-serving coffee establishment - Caribou Coffee.  I discovered it in the St. Paul airport.  They serve YOUR CHOICE of chocolate - white, milk, or dark - made with Guittard chocolate.  Dyana - you and I could BOTH go to the same hot chocolate place!  Unfortunately for me, it appears that the closest Caribou Coffee shop to me is in Denver.  Hmmm..... they sell online.


  1. I am a milk over water girl for sure. Add some whipped cream and it's the best, or a little shot of caramel syrup! We will have to go to NYC together and spend a day at the cocoa bar in Jacques Torres! I just got home from UT where Grant's sis-in-law has one of those frothers. Pretty fantastic! I may have to invest!

  2. Finally..a smart chocolatier!! I'm going to Denver this summer, I will have to try it. I tired white hot chocolate for the first time during the holidays and boy was it DIVINE!!!