Monday, January 11, 2010

11 : Connorisms

I was here on the computer when Kevin arrived home with the kids.  Connor came in and immediately started talking.  It was fantastic.  Mind you, there were no significant pauses between any of these thoughts:

Connor:  Uh, can you help me put my workout stuff together?
Me:  Go ask your Dad.
Connor:  But.....(hesitantly) it involves screws and instructions and stuff.
[The boy knows his father.]

Connor:  Oh!  Good news!  I got rid of the hair here in between my eyebrows.  It involved ripping hair out.
Relaaaax!  It didn't hurt!
Well, it actually hurt a little.

Connor:  And I'm really looking forward to getting my hair cut this weekend.  I really hate it when the hair touches my ears.

Connor:  And did your school have late start?
Me:  No.
Connor:  Mine does.  And you know why I don't like them?  Not enough time.  The classes are shorter.  I only like regular days and modified days.  (modified days don't have shortened classes??)

Connor:  I'm just glad I stopped eating popcorn.

Connor:  And I forgot to mention.  Mom got a giant, and I mean GIANT, TV for Christmas.
Me:  I see... are you excited? (knowing his great love for TV, movies, and video games)
Connor:  No.  It's too large for my tastes.


Picture time.

He started with the peace sign....

Then announced, "I think I'm going to go with the thumbs-up."


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  1. Gotta love Connor! I think anyone who knows Connor well, can vividly imagine that conversation.