Tuesday, January 12, 2010

13 : new boots

While at Philip's house a few weeks ago I went along with the kids to go sledding.  I was not prepared for the snow activity; I didn't have appropriate boots.  The nice brother that he is, Philip let me wear his old pair of size 11, uninsulated, Army boots.  Though waterproof, they provided nothing in terms of warmth and were as cumbersome as clown shoes.  Oh, how I wished for a pair of warm snow boots in my size, but why spend the money for such infrequent usage?

Today as I was meandering through the shoe section at Target (every trip to Target includes a meander through the shoe section), I came across snow boots.  Rated for temperatures at -10, insulated, [faux] fur-lined, and in my size, I seriously considered purchasing.  They're not the cutest pair of boots, but when I turned the tag over and saw that they were on clearance for a mere $9.98, the cute factor was out the door.

I may need to go back to Fruita soon to use these.  Wearing pants, of course.

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  1. love it! i just picked myself up a pair of boots from target...RAIN BOOTS.