Thursday, January 14, 2010

14 : a steal

Every girl needs a velour track suit, right?  I had two sets, neither of which I liked very much.  For some reason, the pants on both sets shrunk up in the wash... no one wants ankle-length track pants.  So, imagine my pleasure when I came across this black track suit at the Mall of America's Nordstrom Rack.  Basic black with longer length pants.


And this is the best part.  A Nordstrom track suit, originally priced at $154, now with 60% off the lowest ticketed price.  The grand total: $12.99

1-14-10 (2)


  1. and it looks like a Juicy suit!

  2. Seriously awesome deal! All that comfort and a great price too!

  3. I call them my mom uniform! I have one in nearly ever color..except black! what a deal..but who pays $154 for a track suit. suckers!