Saturday, January 16, 2010

16 : as seen on TV

Another fine Mall of America purchase, from one of the best stores ever - the As Seen On TV store.  This time, the Flexi-Snake.  Looking at it's tiny little velcro tip, I wondered if it would actually work.  Today I tested in on the  bathtub drain.  I will spare you the disgusting details (and what would have been a REALLY disgusting picture)... let's just say it works.

And I'm amazed that I'm not bald with the amount of hair I pulled out of that drain.



  1. OMG I watched that infomercial the other day and almost ordered it, glad to know it works...I will add that to my bithday list (as you would say) post haste!

  2.'re talking to the queen of "as seen on t.v." I think I've got them all. "mighty putty, mend-it, hercules hooks, touch and brush, brownie pan, snuggie..need I go on! All these things make you wonder why "you" didn't come up with such a simple, but genius idea.