Sunday, January 31, 2010

31 : reminiscing

After taking another look at Debi Laban's Facebook album, "Carlsbad Over the Years," I dug out my old negatives (from the mid to late 1990's) and started scanning.  The photos are on Facebook HERE and on Flickr HERE.  These were some of the best weeks of my summers, time spent in the sun and sand with good friends (sometimes up to six or seven big families).  It's crazy how time has flown... some of the kids are now married (Taylor, Riley, Landon, Ashley and Breanna) and one with a kid of his own (Riley).


And for good measure, here's one of Debi's photos. Call it a fave foto friday submission (I know, I've been negligent in the fave foto friday).


  1. OK, so another "ask T": tell me about your negative scanner. I'm usually not too pleased when I scan the pictures themselves (even the ones which are only about 4 years old). I've heard the quality is much better if you scan the negatives. Do you like yours, what brand, is it a printer too? Thanks!

  2. Don't know what Theresa has but I have on order an Epson Perfection V600 ($200). You can get the V300 for like $90, just does have as many negatives at a time (one strip of 4 instead of 2 strips of 4 I think). I think the quality is the same (good) but I'm about productivity.

    I only attended one or two of these Carlsbad gatherings but I must say I was most impressed. What impressed me most however was you (Theresa) working with the girls teaching them to hula. You are great with the girls and exactly the reason why I imagine you are YW pres. I applaud you for that.