Saturday, January 2, 2010

when the family gets together...

It was amazing the number of cameras that were out at any given time, my mom's being the most prevalent.  I gathered photos from my mom, Philip, and Mindy's sister, Maria.  If you've got the time to peruse TONS of pictures, click on the picture above.  Unless you are absent siblings Cindy or Peter, you may find that you're just not that interested.  I must say, however, that my nieces and nephews are pretty darn cute.


  1. Indeed they are! I love sledding with kids. However I love a good baptism done with the proper authority even more :)

  2. OK, I just got finished looking at every Fruita photo. Heck, even the dog is cute (great picture at the end)! However, the best looking of the bunch is of course the cue ball dad/uncle? dude with the goatee :)

    Looks like Elder Bingham has been eating well this winter :) He's going to need a new suit by Spring if he keeps up this pace. This makes for some good persuasion arguments for Gregory. He only dreams of being able to put on even a lb or two. It seems that a mission is a good place to foster more than just spiritual growth. And it draws even closer to home considering they both share the same skinny genes.

  3. Good to see you are back blogging. I love all the pictures! Do I still get a CD? Also the bacon looks tasty and the Connorisms are the best!