Saturday, February 6, 2010

37 : Julian

I spent the weekend in Julian with my girlfriends at a scrapbook retreat.  We stayed in a house (cabin?) in the woods, and the non-stop rain and fog made it really creepy looking outside.  Julie and Cassie kept freaking me out, saying that Jason was out there in the fog and dark (I don't like scary).  But it was nice and warm inside, with the wood burning stove and baking cookies.


Though I didn't do any scrapbooking (have kind of given that up... don't ask), I had a great time doing other stuff - blogsurfing, laughing, emailing, eating, card-making, laughing, eating...

(from the balcony with the fish-eye lens)

See Dyana's posts HERE and HERE and HERE.  Tune in later for links to Julie L's, Cassie's, and Julie H's posts (if they ever get around to them).  Go HERE for more of my pics.

1 comment:

  1. I'm loving the shot of the woods, excellent photo!

    I see you are embracing the wisdom of the electronic memorabilia retention to the tree killing form! I knew you would not be able to argue with reason and logic.

    Now, I'd like to suggest virtual foot ware to rid yourself of even more unnecessary clutter. You did this once by taking pictures of I think it was "glasses" or dishes of some sort that you fancied. IN fact you have already endorsed this idea with Kate when she wanted to buy those horrible go-go boots. You took a picture and as they say, "a pictures lasts longer", and it's cheaper and clutter-free (so long as it is an digital picture).

    So, next time you go shopping with the girls, bring your camera, try on all of your favorite shoes and take all the pictures your heart desires, and then leave the mess behind for the poor suckers like your husband who once had to sell shoes for a living, and go home and digitally scrapbook your adventures of the day!

    The only downside I see is that the Goodwill doesn't get the 20 pairs of shoes to share with 3rd world countries...