Wednesday, February 10, 2010

41 : starting out

So.... after many years of physical inactivity, I have decided I need to get in shape.  What prompted my decision, you may ask?  Why, after many years of making excuses, am I kicking my own butt?  This summer:  high school 20-year reunion.  Argh.

Ran only two miles to start... but still.  It kicked my butt.


  1. Who takes these pictures of you in your cubicle and here on the floor? Staged???

    You crack me up! I'm all for getting in shape, but if you already look fabulous (good genes), why do you need to look better (if that's even possible)?

    I understand that we all like to put our best foot forward, but these are just high school peers, right? And here's how I see the post conversations going:

    1. No back breaking exercise - "wow, did you see Theresa, didn't she look great?"

    2. Lot's of back breaking exercise shedding all 6 chocolate gained lbs - "wow, did you see Theresa, didn't she look great?"

    So I say, exercise for your health, or to be able to fit into your favorite clothes or because you love exercising and the way it makes you feel, don't do it to impress others, you're already there!

  2. You have to say nice things, GregREE... but thanks, anyway. I'll say I'm exercising for my health, which is not untrue. Just mix a little vanity in there for good measure.