Friday, February 12, 2010

43 : are you kidding me?

My parents will be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary this Sunday.  They decided to take a trip to Miami to visit their good friends, Tammy and Jim.  Being the good friends they are, Tammy and Jim treated them to a three-day cruise to the Bahamas.  Hmmm... I need friends like that.  My parents left for Miami last night.

At 8:00 this morning I got a call from my parents.  Seems they were in a bit of a pickle.  Seems it didn't dawn on them to bring their passports to travel to the Bahamas.  Seems they left with only their driver's licenses.  Are you kidding me?? With 1.5 hours left before boarding the cruise ship, I raced to their house to help them in their attempt to do whatever possible to get on the boat.  I was able to track down their passports, my Dad's birth certificate, and my Mom's certificate of naturalization, and faxed them to Miami.  Not sure how it was going to all work out - faxed legal documents don't usually pass muster - but I did my part.


A few hours later, my Mom called me from aboard the cruise ship.  Not exactly sure how they managed it.  Her story included something about Tammy's cop son and his cop buddies and some sort of bending of the rules... I didn't want to know the details.

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  1. Parents! How did they get through life without us?