Monday, March 15, 2010

74 : the bad sound

Before I left for vacation I started having problems with my external hard drive.  In my attempt to keep my computer's hard drive clean and fast, I stored everything (everything!) on the external one.  And I didn't back up much of anything.  Not wise.  But when I called Best Buy (before leaving) the nice gal said that all I'd have to do is bring the drive in and they'd transfer the data to a new one.

So, today I got a new drive at Costco, then headed to Best Buy's squad o' geeks to take care of business.  However, upon plugging the drive in and listening to the strange sounds my drive was emitting, the Geek said, "Oh.  Huh.  THAT's not good."  Not promising comments from the Geek.  Apparently, the noise moved the problem from mere data transfer to data recovery.  Actually recovery* (with an asterisk) = *that is, if anything can be recovered at all.  For a non-refundable $69.99 the Geeks would send the drive away for a diagnosis, then perhaps they recover* the data.  The Geek said he saw some recoveries* cost up to $1,600.

Oh.  Huh.  Now THAT's not good.


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