Wednesday, April 7, 2010

97 : pumping iron

In Connor's effort to become physically fit, he has taken to lifting Kevin's dumbells.  The weights are 25 lbs and since Connor can lift them up from the base, he believes this is the weight at which he should do his exercises.  Never mind that his exercises consist of lifting the dumbells only two or three times.  Total.

Turns out I had my upper-body workout with my trainer today, so I was all set to give Connor some pointers - three reps each - to the side, to the front, then up.  I knew Connor could not do it with 25 lbs, so I dialed it down to 10 lbs.  He was not happy, claiming he could do it with the whole 25.  However, on the second rep (at 10 lbs) he was struggling.  When I pointed out that it was a good thing that he only had 10 lbs, he argued that it was not the weight that was causing him to struggle, it was the number of times he had to lift them.

I don't think he quite grasps the concept of this.

4-7-10 (1)
4-7-10 (2)

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