Wednesday, May 5, 2010

125 : David & Goliath

Tonight we took the young women to a Storm game.  I borrowed the Smith's van, we loaded it up with girls, and headed up to Lake Elsinore.  I drove around the parking lot for a bit, looking for a spot to park the behemoth vehicle, when Jessica spotted the red little Smart car, taking up a fraction of the parking spot.  We needed more than the allotted spot for the enormous van, and the girls thought it would be hilarious if we used the extra spaced left by the Smart car.  So, there we parked.  And then we laughed.


Oh... the Storm game?  It was fun, though I didn't really watch the game (I find baseball rather boring).  Had to keep an eye out for wandering young women toting cheesecake-on-a-stick.  And had to eat salty french fries and orange slices (candy oranges, not real oranges, of course).

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