Sunday, July 25, 2010

206 : little piggy

My mom gave us a container of cream puffs yesterday.  Inside the container was 50 cream puffs.  When I took the container out of the refrigerator today there was exactly one cream puff inside.  Yes, one (1).  Kevin said he had some, but saw Kate eating them last night and this morning.

When Kate came downstairs I asked, "Did you eat 40 cream puffs since yesterday?"
I expected an eye-roll and a "no!" accompanied by a deep sigh.

What I got was: "Uh.... yep."

The girl ate 40 cream puffs in less than 24 hours!

Actually, 41.  Following this exchange she ate the last one.


  1. I had two of them . . . gulp... xo

  2. Wow! (Although if they were frozen, I can kind of understand the temptation)! Wish I could eat 40 cream puffs in 24 hours and look like that! ;) Jack ate 6 trays of pizza bagel bites in two days a while back. I was a little miffed when I went in the day after I bought them and found NONE. Isn't Kate the same age as Jack? I have to say my little Beehives can eat like lumberjacks!