Sunday, September 5, 2010

248 : bittersweet

Well, I knew this day would come at some point.  I knew it couldn't last forever.  There were times that I wished I could quit, throw in the towel and dump the responsibility on someone else, but the bottom line was that I loved our girls - loved being around them, watching them, laughing with them, learning with them, seeing their testimonies of the Gospel grow.  The blessings of the calling far outweighed the headaches.

Today was my last day as the Young Women President of our ward.  The torch has been passed on to a fantastic woman who already loves the girls and will do an amazing job.


The new calling?  Sunday School teacher of the 16/17-year-olds.  So - some of the young women aren't rid of me yet!


  1. Great pictures of the girls. Good luck with your new calling. Now you have both boys and girls. You will enjoy and learn to love them all.

  2. Tis bittersweet it is! They were so blessed to have you!! But now we can go out on Tuesdays!

  3. I didn't realize that was your new calling. Bryan taught the 14/15 year olds and loved it. It's kind of nice - you get to teach the youth but don't have all the extra meetings and activities.

  4. I'm sure you were amazing as a YW president. It seemed every time I checked this blog there was at least one report of some fun activity you were doing with them. They will miss you, but I agree with Cindy: it will be nice to have the interaction w/o all the extra meetings and activities. Enjoy your free time! :)