Tuesday, October 5, 2010

277 : trash day

I am hesitant to post about this for fear of what may be inferred about my neighborhood. But I'm doing it anyway. Just because I feel like it.

We have quite a few rentals on our street, and the folks that live in the one a few houses down moved out over the weekend. They had procured a dumpster, and throughout the week they brought lots stuff out to the curb. By the end of the week the dumpster was overflowing, the trash cans were overflowing, and junk was wedged everywhere in between. It was as if they had JUST learned that there are big trucks that actually drive around neighborhoods to collect people's trash and they could finally get rid of the junk they had been stockpiling for years.

Today was trash day. As I left for work I looked at the enormous crap pile and worried that the trash guys would take one look at it and keep driving. When I rounded the corner on my way back home I saw that I was right. While the dumpster had been picked up, all three trash trucks had come and gone, leaving the lovely pile o' crap behind.


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  1. I am so grateful for normal renters!! Yes, but were these the ghetto neighbors with the matching low rider caddys?