Wednesday, October 13, 2010

285 : Connecticut tobacco?

When I arrived on Monday I had the pleasure [?] of having a talkitive hotel shuttle driver.  On the short ride between the airport and hotel the driver I learned all kinds of things about Connecticut, including the fact that it is a major tobacco-growing area.  "Shade" tobacco, to be exact.  Who knew? 

The driver pointed out all the barn-like structures along the road - tobacco sheds, as they are called - in which the tobacco is grown to protect the plants from direct sunlight.  Apparently, the result are leafs of lighter color and of a more delicate structure, which are often used for the outer wrappers for some of the world's finest cigars.  Interesting.

Today I had the hankering to open the curtains to my hotel room, and discovered this picturesque scene.  For your viewing pleasure - the tobacco sheds of Windsor, CT.



  1. How I'd love to go on a fall foliage tour. I know, I sound like I'm 80.

  2. Nice hotel room view. I always seem to end up with a view of an alley or rooftop!