Monday, October 18, 2010

290 : the bay

I hit the road again... this time to Northern California.  Today I had a meeting to attend in San Francisco, so over the Bay Bridge we went.


Wait, there's more.

As I approached my hotel room at the end of the day, I noticed something peculiar.  A peep-hole, but not your ordinary peep-hole --- a peep-hole about three feet from the ground. 
Had there been an OSHA lawsuit I was unaware of? 
Had a band of angry dwarves stormed the Embassy Suites in Walnut Creek demanding the ability to see who was knocking at their door without having to pull a chair over? 
Had someone who only recognized people by their mid-sections prevailed in his request?



  1. You always find the most random things! love it!

  2. Great picture of the Bay Bridge. We hope to go to San Francisco some weekend.