Monday, November 8, 2010

312 : a bad case of the Mondays

Argh!  I must have brought the bad weather home with me.  I woke up this morning to rain.  Rain led to accidents on the freeway.  Accidents on the freeway led to a 2.34 hour commute for me.  Add to that a laptop that was on the fritz. 

I had called the tech department while I was away, and over the phone they diagnosed a crashed hard drive.  Not promising, but we couldn't be sure until the local IT lady could take a look at it.  So, first thing this morning I took it to her desk.  A little while later she called - the entire hard drive had to be replaced.  It had to be ordered, installed... and cross your fingers that the stuff in the c: drive and desktop were still there.  Lazy me kept LOTS of stuff on my desktop rather than save to my server drive.

So, this brings me to - Loaner Laptop #3.  Loaner laptop with none of my mapped drives or archive folders.  Oh boy.  This is not going to be a productive week.


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