Thursday, November 25, 2010

329 : Happy Thanksgiving (Michael's house)

Happy Thanksgiving to you. How was your day? Seven hours of my day was spent driving with my brother Mark from Cindy's house (Virginia) to Michael's house (Ohio). In the interim we passed through Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Five states in seven hours.

We arrived just in time to prepare some apple crisp and join with the rest of the family (my parents and brother Peter also flew in) to enjoy the delicious dinner prepared by my sister-in-law, Kristen.

Thanksgiving 2010

The best part? More nieces and nephews...
Thanksgiving 2010


  1. Nice pictures. We had a great time at Thanksgiving with all of you. We missed Cindy and Bryan and the boys.
    We look forward to getting together for Christmas.

  2. so looks better than Home Town Buffet!