Tuesday, December 14, 2010

348 : jackpot!

If you know me (and I am assuming you know me since you're here reading this), you know I'm a bit of a hot chocolate snob. I like dark or bittersweet chocolate. To me, creamy, milky hot chocolate is just plain yucky. Yes, Dyana - yucky. I love Starbucks' hot chocolate, but don't often get it because it requires me to drive somewhere AND get out of the car. Yes, I know there are Starbucks with drive-throughs... that's beside the point.

Imagine my delight when, while at my brother's house in Ohio, my sister-in-law Kristen told me about the Starbucks hot cocoa mix sold at their Costco. Could my Costco be selling this and I just didn't know it? Not wanting to take the risk that my Costco didn't stock this (you know how Costco has different things in different locations), the the next morning I went to said Ohio Costco and got some of my own. When I came home and inspected my Costco's hot cocoa offerings, only to find no Starbucks, I was sure glad I did.

Why the explanation? I had Starbucks hot cocoa today, in the comfort of my own home.



  1. Theresa,
    Oh my gosh I wish we had this at our Costco. I didn't know you were a hot chocolate connosueir ( I may not be able to spell that, but I am one). My family LOVES hot chocolate. I mean we really love it. Ethan has had hot chocolate every day since he was one, I am serious! Emry is is love with Starbucks salted caramel hot chocolate. If I ever see that here I am buying a case.

  2. I am happy for you that you could find what you love! I only wish the very best (even though its gross) for you! With great love,Dyana