Friday, December 24, 2010

358 : 'twas the night before...

Though I have ceased decorating my own home for Christmas, I still very much appreciate the decorating done by others.

12-24-10 (4)

One of my most favorite things about Christmas is seeing my parents' street. The entire length of Yale Ave. is covered by a canopy of enormous lighted balls, hung from the branches of every tree. The pictures cannot convey the feeling you have as you drive through. Excuse my momentary lapse into Christmas sappiness, but it's kind of magical.

12-24-10 (5)
12-24-10 (2)

12/30/10 UPDATE: My friend Erin googled how to make these giant ornaments (see HERE) and found that they're called "sparkleballs." Furthermore, my parents' neighbor, Don, is apparently "one of the master sparkleballers of North Yale Avenue, Fullerton CA" and is featured HERE.


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! Oh, how I miss quaint Fullerton (and the amazing people there)! I don't remember this. Who does it?

  2. It started out down the street (the side going towards Chapman) by a guy who owns a cherry-picker. Over the last 10 years it started working its way up so that the whole street has it. The cherry-picker guy makes them, you pay for the supplies, you store them, and he hangs them every year. It's pretty awesome. I think you need to come back for a visit next Christmas!!