Saturday, January 29, 2011

(29) connected

This household has now fully entered the 21st century.  Though we have numerous electronic devices (computers, netbooks, iPods, Android phones, and the like), not one gaming system has been a permanent installment in this abode.  Yes, the kids have brought their things over (you think Connor can last a weekend without his video games?), but they always went home when the kids went home.  Who had time to waste playing silly video games?

Now?  Now, thanks to a really good deal on Amazon and the ability to stream Netflix through the system for viewing on the television, a new shiny, black Wii system has found residence in the media cabinet.  I hooked it all up tonight and began streaming post haste.

1-29-11 (2)

Games?  Ahem... it's quite possible that there will be some game playing in addition to the Netflix streaming.  Some of those silly video games are actually quite fun.

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