Sunday, January 30, 2011

(30) deliciousness

I made these for my Sunday School class:


Ooooh, they were SO GOOD!  I'm not 100% sure what they're called.  I looked at a few recipes... some of them called these O'Henrys, others called them Scotcheroos.  So, I took bits and pieces from the recipes, focusing on the ones that called for the WHOLE packages of chocolate and butterscotch chips rather than a mere one cup of each.  One cup?  Puh-lease!  Pour it on, thank you very much!

And since I left out the extra peanuts, which, apparently, is what makes the bar more O'Henry-like, I will go with Scotcheroos.


  1. I thought once I grew up I wouldn't want to ditch Sunday School every week... maybe I just have never had a teacher that made these!

  2. Made em and agree, quite delicious (and so easy). My recipe says scotcheroos. It calls for half the chocolate, clearly it needs adjusting.