Friday, January 28, 2011

fave foto friday : resume

Well, then.

I just checked. My last f3 post was in September 2009. I've been going through old photos and thought that, with the new year, it would be a good time to resume. Ok, so I've already missed three Fridays... whatever.  And you might not even be interested in my old photos... ok, whatever.  I'm resuming fave foto friday regardless.

So, the photo...

Today is my nephew Gavin's birthday. He is four, though if you were to talk to him you'd think he's six or seven.  I love this photo below, taken on the trampoline at my parents' house a few years ago.  I love his knitted brow, his blue eyes (can you believe he's 1/4 Vietnamese?), his quizzical look, his hold on my sister's fingers, his absolute cuteness...

[Gavin 2008]
Gav 2008


  1. I am interested..I've missed your fave friday! Glad to have you back..can't believe he's 4 already. I remember scrapbooking at Julie's house the night you were telling us she thought she was pregnant but all the tests were negative..scrapbooking?? what's that?

  2. That's one of my favorite pictures too. Can't believe he's grown up so fast.