Friday, February 4, 2011

fave foto friday - Boston

Ok, turns out that this post is more about a favorite trip than a specific favorite photo. This week I finished listening to 1776 (by David McCullough) on CD. Listening to the events of the Revolutionary War made me think of the trip my sister-in-law, Mindy, and I took to Boston a few years ago. It was a fantastic trip, primarily because of all the cool stuff in and around Boston. I loved being where our nation's fathers were, walked the streets they walked, marvel at the things that took place in the spots we visited.

This photo, taken along the Freedom Trail on a FREEZING cold spring day in Boston, shows the Bunker Hill Monument - site of the significant battle in the fight for American independence.

Bunker Hill Boston
April 13, 2004


  1. That was a really fun trip! I'm so glad that you invited me to fill in for Kevin. It was pretty cold some days... but all the Satrbucks hot chocolate was yummy.

  2. Would love love love to go to Boston!! I loved D.C. and Baltimore and all that American history stuff!