Saturday, April 16, 2011

(105) Ragnar Day 2

Two legs down, three hours of sleep on the golf course at Torry Pines, and Day 2 of Ragnar begins. Lucky for me, I got my 3rd leg over and done with pretty early in the morning. It was a BEAUTIFUL run - right along the coast from Encinitas to Solana Beach at sunrise - and I had a lot more energy than I expected.

Dyana ran after me, then Julie... and here we are - DONE with our runs!


We met Van 2 in La Jolla, where they began their third legs. When planning we found that needed another person for the team. Peter, always a good sport, agreed (after my hounding) to do the race with us. And, to push the good-sportedness further, he wasn't even in the same van as me, but in a van full of strangers (albeit NICE strangers).

4-16-11 (2)

And FINALLY... Team We Got Jimmer'd is DONE. It was crazy, it was hard, it was awesome.

4-16-11 (3)

For more pictures and Dyana's perspective of Ragnar Day 2, go HERE.

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  1. We are glad that you and Peter made it and had a good time. Great picture!