Wednesday, May 11, 2011

(130) ice cream bliss

FINALLY! Why does it take so long for delectable foods to get to the U.S.? We finally have Tim Tams, and we recently saw TV ads for the Magnum bars - ice cream bars that Kevin had had in Sweden nearly 20 years ago, and that we both had while strolling down Bondi Beach in Australia about seven years ago. Well, needless to say, we rushed out to get some. Our refrigerator has not been without them since



  1. HaHa. My friend in the ward, who had lived in New Zealand, couldn't quit posting about her excitement that these were now available in the states. I have to admit, I eagerly bought a box (which I promptly hid in the back of the freezer- really, only 3 bars?), and was not disappointed! Yum!

  2. I know! Only 3 bars is kind of a rip-off. The best deal I've d found so far is a Fresh & Easy - $2.49/box.