Tuesday, July 5, 2011

(186) big brother

Gavin is a proud big brother...


And how he not be - look at how cute Charlotte is!


But Gavin's quite a cutie, too. Today I had a little treat - a 60% dark chocolate Ghiradelli square. Yummy! Gavin saw the wrapper and, of course, wondered what I had eaten. I let him check out the wrapper... he took a whiff, then another and another, deeply inhaling the wonderful aroma of the chocolate.

"I want to eat this smell!" he declared.


You won't like it, I told him. I explained that it's bittersweet, not like the stuff of M&M's and other candy with which he's familiar. He didn't care. He wanted to try it. In fact, he DEMANDED to try it. Not wanting to deprive him of the awesomeness of dark chocolate, I gave him a square.

He broke a little piece off and ate it, then another and another, until the square was gone. I looked at him, wondering what he thought, surprised that he didn't spit it out. He looked at me with wide eyes and exclaimed, "I LOVE IT!!"

Good boy!

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  1. look at those cheeks and those kissable lips..so cute! again, i must reiterate..dark chocolate..YUCK!