Sunday, August 7, 2011

(218) celebrating early

Since we're going to be gone for our birthdays, my family came over today for an early celebration. Today's menu - southern comfort food. My mom brought the pulled pork, Peter made these baked beans, and I tried this macaroni and cheese recipe. It was topped off by my favorite birthday treat - mud pie.

beans & cheese
8-7-11 (5)

Next, we wanted to see what would happen when a couple of parents in their late-60's played a little Just Dance 2. WARNING: Don't try this at home!

8-7-11 (3)
8-7-11 (2)
(Nice calculator watch, Dad!)

My mom can't leave without the obligatory group shot. Here you go, Mom.

8-7-11 (4)

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  1. Is that the cute shirt I loved at TJ Maxx but just didn't fit me as nicely as it does you?