Wednesday, August 10, 2011

(221) ready to go

We leave tomorrow for our 10-day vacation, and since we don't want to pay the lame checked-baggage fee on American, we're stuffing everything into carry-ons. My friend Dyana tried this on a trip she took earlier this year - using little vacuum bags to maximize space, but with no vacuum. I've done this before when traveling with my big down jacket, but I had access to an vacuum (on the other end of the trip) with which to suck out the air. I was skeptical that just rolling the bag would bring sufficient results.

Well, color me surprised! It actually worked. No doubt a vacuum would flatten things further, but I got everything I needed (plus a bit more) neatly stowed in the carry-on. Another helpful hint from Dy.


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  1. I see the running shoes made it...sadly, there is no way to deflate shoes!!