Thursday, August 11, 2011

(222) Tropical Vacation 2011

Man, this was one LONG day, but it's totally worth it when you know the next nine will be full of lounging and relaxation. It started with a nearly three-hour delay leaving LAX and ended with a nearly three-hour drive* from Miami to Key West. Top it all off with the pleasure of being pulled over by a Florida highway patrolman at 2:00 in the morning.**

This is pretty much the only picture I got of the day - the shuttle from the Miami terminal to the rental car area.


* When planning the trip I googled the distance from the airport to our hotel. It said about 130 miles. I knew we'd have a bit of a drive once arriving in Miami, but figured it would be 1.5 hours max. Little did I know that the Overseas Highway through the Keys had a maximum speed limit of 50 mph, and that was only in about two or three spots along the route. The most common speed limit was 40 mph, with a few areas being 30 mph. Yes, 30 mph on a HIGHWAY. And, obviously, strictly enforced. This seriously delayed our anticipated arrival time.

** Luckily, we had a nice highway patrolman who saw that we had just arrived and were eager to get to our hotel and rest, and let us off with a warning and a hearty "Welcome to the Keys!"

While most of the pictures of the trip are posted on the blog, there are a few more HERE.

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