Saturday, August 13, 2011

(224) Key West - beach yoga & Southernmost

While checking things out online before our trip, I discovered that there was a yoga studio in Key West that offered classes on the beach. Of course I had to try it out. The setting was beautiful - palm trees, white sand, ocean breezes. The class was fine, not as much of a workout as I'm used to, but it was more about the experience than the calorie-burning. It was interesting doing the poses on the sand rather than on a proper floor, but it was a cool experience.


After yoga - more lounging. This time at the southermost beach in the United States.

8-13-11 (2)

When not sitting in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, I passed time by reading. I really went all out for my waterproof Nook cover didn't I? Yep - a zippered Ziploc bag.

8-13-11 (3)

And no trip to Key West is without a visit to the southermnost point of the U.S. Obviously, we were not the only ones to think this. Check out this huge line to take a picture next to the concrete bouy marking the spot. There was no way I was standing in this line.

8-13-11 (5)

This was a close as I got.


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  1. I think your nook cover is super snazzy. These pictures are gorgeous, and you look stunning!!! Please tell me you deleted a thousand of yourself like I do. Probably not.