Monday, August 15, 2011

(226) Key West to Antigua

We left early to make the drive up to Miami for our flight to Antigua. It was torturous driving the speed limit through the Keys, but this time a Key Deer actually crossed our path on the highway. It made the dreadfully slow 30 mph limit through Big Pine Key worth it. Unfortunately, I was unprepared in terms of capturing a photo of said deer.

One thing I really liked about southern Florida were the colors. What other state is going to spend the time and money to make their concrete highway barriers this lovely shade of blue?


We caught our flight, and a quick three hours later we were in Antigua, a beautiful island in the West Indies. Very quickly we learned that it's pronounced An-tee-ga (not An-tee-gwa) by the locals.

Vacation 2011

During our half-hour drive from the airport to the hotel, we learned a lot from our personable cab driver, who called himself Ninja. Of interest:
- Antigua is only 108 square miles (14 miles long by 11 miles wide).
- Its original name was Wadadli. Christopher Columbus renamed it Antigua.
- The economy is now greatly reliant on tourism. In the past - sugar plantations.
- Most people live in villages rather than proper cities.

The resort at which we stayed, the Verandah, was very nice with beautiful vegetation throughout. We noticed lots of banana trees, overloaded with ripening bananas.


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