Friday, August 19, 2011

(230) Antigua - town

Though there really wasn't any reason to leave the resort, we decided to do a little exploring and took the shuttle into the capitol of Antigua, St. John's.


This is, more or less, what I had read about St. John's:
"St. John's is one of the most developed and cosmopolitan municipalities in the Lesser Antilles. The city is famous for its various shopping malls as well as boutiques throughout the city, selling designer jewelry and haute-couture clothing. There are also many independent, locally-run establishments, selling a variety of fashions. There is a fresh produce, meat and fish market on the southwestern edge of the city where fresh produce, meats and fresh fish are sold daily."
I had a certain image in my mind of how the city would be. A bustling metropolis, perhaps. This is what we actually saw:

The shopping "mall"

The Directorate of Gender Affairs? Is there a such a problem about gender that it requires a Directorate?
And all the windows/doors on the first floor street level? Those are all the "independent, locally-run establishments, selling a variety of fashions." The word "fashions" is used very, very loosely.

This sign was in the area of the fresh meat and fish market:

While it wasn't exactly what we expected of the country's capitol, it was very interesting and we didn't regret checking it out. It showed us life in a third world country, and reminded us of how fortunate we are to live where we do. It also made us feel a bit guilty when we headed back for more lounging here:


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  1. We found the same conditions in both Nassau and Grand Cayman (which were in stark contrast to my expectations).