Sunday, September 4, 2011

(246) sunscreen fail

YESTERDAY at the beach:

Me: Here, Connor (passing him the SPF 15 sunscreen). Put this on.
Connor: Ok.

One minute later...

Connor: Here you go (passing the sunscreen back to me).
Me: (Looking at Connor quizzically) You're done???
Connor: Yep.
Me: Did you put it everywhere?
Connor: Yep.
Me: You put it on your arms?
Connor: Yep.
Me: You put it on your legs?
Connor: Yep.
Me:  And the tops of your feet?
Connor: Yep.
Me: You're sure?
Connor: Yep.  I'm sure.



Me: (passing Connor the aloe gel) So.... it looks like you didn't put sunscreen everywhere like I told you to.
Connor: Huh. I could have sworn I did. I guess I didn't.

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