Saturday, October 15, 2011

(287) Arizona - Day 2

While only a few weeks ago my brother's pool was warm enough for comfortable swimming, it was now freezing cold. So, we inaugurated the spa, turning on the heater for the first time and testing the fountain. As you can see, the kids (especially Parker) loved the fountain.

10-15-11 (7)
10-15-11 (6)
10-15-11 (5)
10-15-11 (2)

My brother also taught me how to use the aperture setting on my DSLR. It made for cool water shots.

10-15-11 (4)

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  1. Good, now you can teach me. I am so bugged I can only comment on one of your posts at a time when you have so many good ones. The 7-11 shot will be shown to the kids and we will talk in depth about it. We have the same cocoa and love it. You can absolutely pull of those jeans, I am sure I am not the first to say it but your body is out of sight. & serving sizes are whack.