Monday, October 17, 2011

(289) I told you so

If you recall, a few weeks ago I got new shoes. When contemplating whether or not to move away from my standard shoe brand, I questioned Kevin. I thought that since he's worn thousands of pairs of running shoes in several different brands, I thought he'd be helpful in making my decision. He asked if I liked my Adidas shoes. I said I did. He said, Why change? End of conversation.

So, I got a different brand.

I went on a run in my new shoes a day or two after getting them. They hurt my feet. I figured they needed to be broken in a little. A few days later I tried them again. They hurt my feet again. I'm done. I will NOT be wearing them again.

I now have a new pair of Adidas.

10-17-11 (2)

They don't hurt my feet.


I will be sticking to to my brand from now on.

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