Saturday, October 22, 2011

(294) Virginia - day 2 * Richmond & Fredericksburg *

Today was a FULL day! We made use of every spare minute, enjoying every moment.

FIRST: Time Out For Women
An inspirational weekend, to be sure. It was a great opportunity to re-evaluate my life - all the many blessings I have and the ways I can become better. This year's theme was CHOOSE TO BECOME. We were challenged to "Choose to become just a little closer to the woman we were meant to be - through our testimony, through our relationships, and through our personal improvement." We heard great speakers, great music, great messages.

10-22-11 (4)
10-22-11 (2)

Meeting one of the speakers, Brad Wilcox:
10-22-11 (5)

NEXT: Richmond
We got about 90 minutes for lunch, so we hit the pavement and checked out downtown Richmond. For the state's capital, it was kind of a let down. Apart from the cool capitol building, the city was less than impressive.

10-22-11 (3)

THEN: Fredericksburg
Tonight we to stay at my brother-in-law Greg's house in Fredericksburg, an hour north of Richmond. The conference ended with enough time to do some sightseeing around Old Town Fredericksburg and the battlegrounds. Though I've been down here several times, Dyana hadn't - and it's cool enough to check out over and over again.


After visiting with Greg and Cathleen for a while, we hit the sack. Dyana went to use the bathroom... I hear a flush, then I hear an excited, "OH MY GOSH!" You'll have to read her post HERE, but she was very excited about the super-flusher that Greg had installed into the toilet. So much so that she quickly got her camera:


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  1. Quickly got her camera and then as soon as she got home ran straight to Home Depot and ordered 2! Just picked them up, sitting in my garage waiting for my FIL to hopefully install them this week!! It's like an early Christmas for me!