Friday, October 28, 2011

(300) beach day

My nephews and niece are on fall break this week, so my sister-in-law Mindy decided to bring them down to So Cal for a few days at Disneyland and to see family. Mindy brought along a friend (and daughters) from her ward in Colorado to join in the fun. Her friend's daughters had never been to the beach before, so they HAD to fit this into their plans. With a little bit of arm twisting (yeah, right... none needed), I met them at Crystal Cove. They chose a beautiful day to spend in the sun and sand.

10-28-11 (2)

Jack never fails to crack me up. He got a Woody hat at Disneyland yesterday (it HAD to be the Woody hat, Mindy couldn't talk him in to choosing anything else) and wore it most of the time at the beach

10-28-11 (9)

He also spent a good amount of time tossing, then trying to catch, sand.

10-28-11 (10)
10-28-11 (3)

All the kids enjoyed the tide pools:

10-28-11 (4)
10-28-11 (5)
10-28-11 (6)
10-28-11 (8)

Caleb very carefully created a beach-lake:

10-28-11 (12)
10-28-11 (11)
10-28-11 (7)

Afterward, we headed to my parents' house for a delicious Vietnamese dinner. One of my favorites:


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