Thursday, November 17, 2011

(320) pumpkin cookie + candy + good stuff

I came across this recipe on one of the food blogs I follow and was intrigued. Well, maybe not so much intrigued. Maybe my mouth started watering as I read through the list of ingredients:
* pumpkin
* chocolate chips
* toffee bits
* Rolos

11-17-11 (2)
11-17-11 (3)

Using a cake mix as a base, it was easy to make, and all the candy was scumptious. The texture, however, was a bit... spongy? I don't know. But despite all the good stuff in it, this is not the perfect cookie. It needs a different base, THEN it might be the perfect cookie!


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  1. Sorry they didn't work out, cookies with boxed cake mixes are never that good in my humble opinion.

    I used to scan her blog too but it kind of grossed me out that everything was sugar, chocolate, double marshmallow, cookies in cookies, cookies dipped in chocolate dipped in candy etc. I couldn't take it anymore and unbookmarked it.