Saturday, November 19, 2011

(322) best laid plans

Today was one of those days.

Today I was supposed to run 7.3 miles in a local race. I had planned on it all week and was ready. I had also planned to get a lot of other stuff done today. But when I awoke this morning I knew none of it was going to happen.

Due to my early work schedule, my body is used to be up and at 'em before 7:00 a.m. Saturday is no exception. The wee hours of a Saturday morning is usually when I get my errands done (the crazies don't hit Walmart until later in the day). But today? As the sun rose and clock ticked closer to 8:00 and I STILL couldn't open my eyes or move my body into an upright position I knew this was going to be a tough day. I ran a few of my errands (I was low on Diet Coke after all), relaxed on the couch a bit with the DVR, blew off the 7.3 mile race, but managed to eek out a quick 3 mile run with my friend Julie.

When I got home from the run Kevin advised that he'd be taking Connor out to his parents' house for a visit and asked if I wanted to come along. But I had chores to do around the house, I thought. Things need to get done. Should I really just drop everything and lounge around my in-laws' house for the rest of the day? Hmmm.... what to do, what to do?

My in-laws' house:

I lounged.
I dined at Cafe Rio.
I didn't get anything else done.

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  1. If my day goes as planned that's a rarity. I used to be much more anal but I've learned to just go with the flow.