Wednesday, November 23, 2011

(326) Arizona

My brother, Michael, and family moved to Arizona earlier this year, and we all pretty much invited ourselves to their house for Thanksgiving. Kevin, Connor, and I were the first to arrive this afternoon, so my sister-in-law Kristen put me to work. Around their yard they have lots of citrus trees - primarily oranges, with a few grapefruits and lemons. The orange trees were abundant with fruit, so we decided that freshly squeezed juice would be a nice treat for tomorrow's breakfast. Connor and I went out with Kristen's nifty fruit-picking tool and filled up a few bags full of oranges.

11-23-11 (2)

We had a couple of tag-alongs... Parker and Zoey didn't want to be left behind!

11-23-11 (3)
11-23-11 (4)

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