Friday, November 25, 2011

(328) Arizona - more fun!

More beautiful weather necessitated an outing. We took all the kids over to Papago Park for a little hike and picnic. We hiked up to Hole in the Rock, some of us hiking up to the top while others stayed on on the main level.

11-25-11 (7)
11-25-11 (6)
11-25-11 (5)

Though the top wasn't the highest point in the world, the fact that it was an enormous, giane rock we were climbing on, a rock that we could fall off of with a wrong step, and it made me a little nervous. My nervousness increased ten-fold when I went around a corner and saw this:

11-25-11 (9)

Yes, four-year-old Jack, was sitting there at the top. Whaaat the heeeeck? Kevin was close behind, explaining that the little monkey scurried up to the top so quickly that even he couldn't keep up. This guy doesn't comprehend the fact that he's only four and has no fear. I, on the other hand, totally comprehend the fact he is only four and was very fearful for his safety.

11-25-11 (8)
11-25-11 (11)
11-25-11 (10)
11-25-11 (2)
11-25-11 (3)

Waiting for us at the bottom:
11-25-11 (4)

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