Saturday, November 26, 2011

(329) Arizona - the fun continues!

Philip's hunting expedition was successful - he came back with a big ol' elk. The boys were eager to check it out. Pretty gross, if you ask me.

11-26-11 (5)
11-26-11 (3)

Next activity of the day - over to the mall to see The Muppets. The movie was followed by some fountain-playing and a Johnny Rockets chocolate shake for me (with two extra straws for two little nephews).

11-26-11 (2)
11-26-11 (4)
11-26-11 (7)

Had to throw this in... these two are so adorable (in their post chocolate shake bliss).

11-26-11 (6)

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  1. Jack and Matthew are so cute together. We are glad to see they get along well. We miss you all.